In the east, where the sun rises over Austria, there is a stretch of land whose variety and richness simply begs to be discovered. The Marchfeld Schlösserreich – a region rich in castles – is the link between the metropolitan areas of Vienna and Bratislava. It is nestled in the southern Weinviertel and graced by the waters of both Danube and Morava rivers. Its modest geographic size makes it easy to explore – and the rewards of doing so are great, indeed.


Donau Niederösterreich Tourism
Area: Römerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld)
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Donau-Auen National Park

Storchenhaus Marchegg at WWF meadow preserve
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Lower Austrian State Exhibition 2022: Schloss Marchegg will be the host

Römerstadt Carnuntum

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Home advantage - Machbarschaft's treasure map (in German)