The Marchfeld. It may be flat, but it’s quite uplifting.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest castle of all?

Expand your horizons to the east.

Enough vegetables. It’s time for a castle!

Liebe RadfahrerInnen!

Am 03. Juni 2019 ist Welt-Radtag. Wir machen im Marchfelder Schlösserreich gleich ein ganzes Wochenende daraus und schenken allen BesucherInnen, die uns zwischen 01. - 03. Juni 2019 als RadfahrerIn erkennbar besuchen, 20% Rabatt auf das Eintrittsticket in die Schlösser ihrer Wahl!

Mehr zur Aktion und zum Jahresthema 2019 „Abenteuer Ruhe“

Five Treasures.

The five Marchfeld castles - Schloss Hof, Niederweiden, Eckartsau, Marchegg and Orth - are the answer. Discover where the most passionate hunter decided to stop hunting and settle down. Learn about where storks brought bundles of joy – and the other way around. Marchfeld is “Schlösserreich”: rich in castles. Explore this fascinating Schlösserreich, where the elegance of five castles converges with the magnificence of nature.

2019: Adventure Calm

Out into nature, into the wetland meadows around Danube and March. Just behind one big city and before the next. The National Park Donau-Auen & the WWF stork's preserve as a hotspot of biodiversity. Equally splendid, but less wild: the castle's gardens. As a place to rest, of idleness, wonder, observation, enjoyment, learning and - above all - life.

Find out more about our annual theme’s program "Adventure Calm".

Schlösserreich Marchegg