The Marchfeld. It may be flat, but it’s quite uplifting.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest castle of all?

Expand your horizons to the east.

Enough vegetables. It’s time for a castle!

Want something new?

Think you know the Marchfeld? Fertile fields, asparagus, oil? Flat all over, no ups and downs, and few mountain goats? But beyond that? Isn’t there something worth discovering – at least for families, lovers of nature, the Baroque, history and gardens? For the young, the old, for neighbours and friends? For anyone, in fact, who is open to new journeys?

Five Treasures.

The four Marchfeld castles Schloss Hof, Eckartsau, Marchegg and Orth are the answer. Discover where the most passionate hunter decided to stop hunting and settle down. Learn about where storks brought bundles of joy – and the other way around. Marchfeld is “Schlösserreich”: rich in castles. Explore this fascinating Schlösserreich, where the elegance of four castles converges with the magnificence of nature.

Adventure & Families

Take your pick of unforgettable moments – in in pristine nature, or in perfectly cultivated gardens. Either way, jump off the bandwagon and take a break from modern-day life. Discover adventure in its original form, with new kinds of thrills and kicks.

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Schlösserreich Marchegg