The highest elevation
of the Marchfeld:
Your feeling.

A new country has been discovered behind Vienna.

Looks conservative but is baroque.

Our triathlon:
Refuel for many kilometers, feel many centuries, enjoy in a variety
of ways.

The white house of the emperors.

Nachts im Schlösserreich

Nachts im #schloesserreich

Nachtschwärmer aufgepasst: am 30. und 31. Juli bzw. am 7. August locken die fünf Schlösser und ihre Gärten bei Nacht mit besonderen Programmen. Besuchen Sie das Marchfelder Schlösserreich fernab der normalen Besucherströme!

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Five Treasures

In the east, where the sun rises over Austria, there is a stretch of land whose variety and richness simply begs to be discovered: The Marchfeld Schlösserreich – Schloss Hof, Niederweiden, Eckartsau, Marchegg and Orth - embedded into the vast plains of the Marchfeld. The link between the metropolitan areas of Vienna and Bratislava. 

You know one, you want all of them!

With your entrance ticket or receipt of the first castle visited you will receive a 10% discount on the admission price of each additional Schlösserreich Castle.

Schlösserreich Marchegg